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Name:The First Source for Damon/Alaric on Dreamwidth.
Website:Damon-Alaric on LJ (original)
Posting Access:All Members

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Welcome to [community profile] damon_alaric, the first community on livejournal for the pairing of Damon/Alaric. Here you can post and find graphics, fanfiction, and other media pertaining to the relationship between Damon Salvatore and Alaric Saltzman of the CW's hit TV show The Vampire Diaries.{1} Everything posted here must be PRO-Damon/Alaric.
This means no bashing of the ship or the actors/characters.

{2} Post all spoilers behind a cut. A spoiler is:
- Information pertaining to unaired epsiodes.
- Information pertaining to an episode that aired less than 24 hours before the post.
- Pictures/Graphics from unaired episodes.

{3} Do not post things that are off topic.
Make sure everything, including graphics teasers, include Damon & Alaric.
You may post about Ian & Matthew separately.
You may not post about general Damon related things. It will clutter up the comm.

{4} Tag your posts appropriately. A list can be found here.
{5} When posting icons, you are allowed three teasers.
Put everything else below a cut or link back to your journal.

{6} When posting large graphics, anything
bigger than 400x400px must be placed behind a cut.

{7} NO promoting your communities.

{8} When posting fanfiction, link back to your journal or use a cut.
The following is the proper header for any fanfic you post:
[profile] vdiariesart
[community profile] vdiariesvids
[profile] stefan_caroline
[profile] stefankatherine
[profile] damon_rose
To become an affiliate comment here.

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